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Top questions asked to our AI Advisor chatbot by prospective students in September, 2023

Our AI Advisor chatbot talks with thousands of students each week, and after each month we review the most common questions asked by prospective students. Prospective students can ask the AI Advisor any question about studying, so this gives solid insight into what students are asking about a school they’re considering:

1. What is tuition?

Questions about cost are asked in some way in over half of the conversations. Asking specifically about tuition means students want to do one of a few things: confirm the tuition rate, want to know if what’s on the website is accurate, or cannot find the tuition on the website.

2. Are there scholarships?

Scholarships, like tuition, are topics related to the total cost of education. Today’s students are worried about cost; but it’s safe to say students have always worried about cost. What’s interesting is most schools don’t have a page on their website that lists scholarships.

3. When do classes start?

Digging into the data, this appears to be students who missed the Fall intake and are really asking when the next semester begins. This could indicate the desire to enroll, just something happened so they missed the Fall. We recommend making sure you have strong outreach reminders of when classes start.

4. Can I change my classes?

The add/drop date is something first-year students might not know. Students asking if they can change their classes indicates students thought they wanted one class but ultimately decided it was a bad idea. Make sure add/drop is covered in student orientation.

5. How do I apply?

Make sure the application is easy to find. One university I know is fully aware their site navigation is horrible, so students will use Google to find answers on their site including how to apply. This is a horrible experience for students. Make sure your application is easy to find, clear, and simple.

The N for the month of September is over 50,000 conversations.

Are these simple questions? Yes. Does your admissions office get hundreds of emails asking these? Yes. You should use our AI Advisor.


  • Jason Hall

    Jason Hall is the President and Co-founder of Study Plans, and is an expert in higher education and EdTech. He held executive roles for major International Pathway providers as well as university roles in enrollment management, recruiting, marketing, and admissions. His experience includes Oregon State University, Utah Valley University, and Brigham Young University. Jason holds an MBA from Portland State University.

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