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AI Advisor

AI chat for student recruitment

The industry’s most advanced AI chat bot that chats with prospective students 24/7 on your website, just like a human advisor but even when the office is closed.

  • Conversational chat for an organic feel
  • Custom-taught AI to answer any question
  • Unlimited conversations simultaneous
  • Easy setup with no ongoing work
  • Custom branding to match school
  • 24/7 answers to engage prospects
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Recruitment conversations each month on your site


Emails your admissions team didn't have to answer


Languages to engage international and DACA

Save Time

How much time do you spend on emails? How many students ask the same questions?

Admission counselors and recruiters spend hundreds of hours each year answering emails with the same questions over and over again. Break this practice by moving the student conversations to AI chat – saving your admissions team hundreds of hours while improving the student experience.

Increase Enrollments

Would talking with 10,000 more prospective students each month increase enrollments?

Chat with 10,000+ prospective students each month to increase enrollments. Even the best admissions counselor can talk with only 16 students each day, resulting in 320 conversations a month. Using the AI Advisor will allow you to have admissions conversations with 32X more students, and engage with students at all stages of recruitment.

Best AI chat for student recruitment


Built using a true large-language AI, which means students can have a real conversation and ask any question.

CRM integration

Generate leads that are fed directly into your CRM (Slate, Banner, TargetX, Dynamics, Recruit, others) or in a CSV feed.

24/7 conversations

Chat with prospective students 24/7… even when the office is closed. Today’s students expect answers at any time day or night.

50+ languages

Engage domestic and international students in over 50+ languages, and cover 99.9% of international students studying abroad.

Easy setup

Simple and easy setup can be done within 30 days with only about 5 hours of your time.

FERPA compliant

AI Advisor will receive FERPA certified in 2024.

Easy Setup

You don't have to be tech savvy

Our team will do all the heavy lifting to have you up and running in 30 days. All you need to do are three things:

1. Answer a 25-question form
2. 60-minute admissions call with us
3. Insert one line of code

Great Support

Your success is our success

Our team of education and tech experts are here to assure your success, and make sure students conversations are accurate and helpful.
- Daily monitoring for first two weeks
- Reports with a dashboard
- Monthly checkins

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AI Powered Admissions