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Organic Conversation from the Most Trusted and Powerful Chatbot in Education

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AI for admissions
AI for admissions
AI Adviser

Real student engagement 24/7 using AI

The AI Adviser is the industry’s most advanced AI chat bot that will chat with prospective students 24/7 on your website, just like a human adviser but even when the office is closed. AI for recruitment, marketing, admissions, enrollment management, and more in education.

  • Conversational chat for an organic feel
  • Custom-taught AI to answer any question
  • Unlimited conversations simultaneous
  • Easy setup with no ongoing work
  • Custom branding to match school
  • 24/7 answers to engage prospects

Engage 50X more students with AI for recruitment

Engage students on your greatest marketing tool – your website. AI Adviser’s chat engagement is 10% of a site’s traffic, which can result in 50X more admission conversations using AI for recruitment.

  • 10,000 conversations each month for 100K unique visitors
  • 24/7 adviser is available for chatting day or night
  • 50+ languages for advising in 99% of students’ languages
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Save Time

Avoid hundreds of emails back and forth with candidates asking the same question. So let the AI Adviser answer questions instantly on the website – no need to get your inbox involved.

Grow Enrollments

Move students through the recruitment funnel faster and assure every one of them is engaged by admissions. Use AI for recruitment to answering questions instantly will help grow enrollments.

Strengthen Your Brand

Give candidates a positive experience with your brand. Provide instant answers 24/7 is just like having an adviser available by text – therefore, providing a great experience for the student.

AI for admissions
Study Plans
Study Plans

Helping students learn more

Thousands of students found answers to questions to get into some of the best colleges and universities.

Easy setup with ongoing support

Because our team knows education marketing, recruitment, and admissions, they can set up your AI Adviser to have all the knowledge as a traditional adviser. Through ongoing monitoring of AI for recruitment, they will also assure engagement is positive and answers are accurate.

Train AI Adviser

We make this simple for you. All you need to do is fill out a form and meet with our team for one hour to talk through your offering - just like an adviser.

Ongoing Evaluation

We closely monitor your AI Adviser and update its training on the back end when needed to assure every question is answered accurately.

CRM Integration

The AI Adviser integrates with all major CRMs*, and can feed leads directly into your CRM using AI for recruitment.